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Christian KÄMMERER
Head of German Speaking Markets, JFD Brokers Germany

Christian Kämmerer belongs to the elite of German Traders and Financial Markets experts, with financial analysis ranked amongst Germany’s most widely-praised publications. A Graduate in Financial Management and Certified Financial Technician II (CFTE) Christian has gained invaluable experience in the field of technical analysis. He devoted himself on the chart technical analysis of various commercial vehicles with a particular focus on currency trading. Christian also hosts highly popular webinars at BoerseGo / GodmodeTrader.de, Germany's largest web portal for technical analysis. JFD Brokers proudly appointed Christian Kämmerer "Head of Research & Analysis Germany" in June 2013. We are very pleased to welcome such a proven expert and successful trader within the JFD Research Team.

Charalambos Pissouros
Senior Market Analyst, JFD Brokers

Charalambos joined JFD Brokers in 2017 as a Senior Market Analyst for the JFD Research team. He has more than 4 years of experience in analyzing financial markets, with his primary focus on the currency markets. After reviewing economic and political agendas, he evaluates how market data and events can affect the financial world, which technical levels come into play, and how bigger trends relate to corresponding economic developments. His approach is a blend of both fundamental and technical analyses. Charalambos became a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, after being rated top-of-the class during his studies and excelling in the STA diploma exams with distinction. He is now a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and the CySEC public register, and is also a holder of a BSc degree in Mathematics and an MSc degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics from the Aegean University in Greece.

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Marcus Klebe
Trader and Analyst, JFD Brokers

Marcus Klebe has been involved in the financial markets since 1999 and, during his career, he was able to examine global markets from different perspectives. Whether as a financial analyst in New York or a trader and coach in Germany, his long and varied experience and deep knowledge of the markets have helped him and his clients find a successful and balanced path to navigate the complex and dynamic world of the stock market. In addition to his exclusive trading and intensive coaching for swing and day trading, Marcus Klebe also works in crowdfunding, an alternative form of investment that can also offer lucrative investment opportunities.

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Darius Anucauskas
Market Analyst, JFD Brokers

With a long-term interest in the financial markets, Darius began his career as an individual trader in 2011. After graduating from the University of Bradford with a degree in Economics and International Relations, he decided to take trading more seriously and started educating himself in this field. Previously, he worked for RBS and other financial institutions in the United Kingdom. Trading, financial markets and analysis, have always been his passion. This is why he decided to pursue the Chartered Market Technician designation. For him, everything in life happens for a reason, and market movements are no exception.

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