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Nos Experts

Christian Kämmerer

Responsable des marchés germanophones

Christian Kämmerer appartient à l’élite des experts des traders allemands et des marchés financiers, avec une analyse financière classée parmi les publications les plus appréciées d’Allemagne. Un diplômé en Gestion Financière et un Technicien Financier Certifié II (CFTE), Christian a acquis une expérience inestimable dans le domaine de l'analyse technique. Il s’est consacré à l’analyse technique des cartes de divers véhicules commerciaux en mettant l’accent sur le trading de devises. Christian héberge également des webinaires très populaires sur BoerseGo /, le plus grand portail web allemand d'analyse technique. JFD a fièrement nommé Christian Kämmerer "responsable de la recherche et de l’analyse en Allemagne" en juin 2013. Nous sommes très heureux d’accueillir au sein de l’équipe de recherche de JFD un expert et un trader performant.

Marcus Klebe

Trader et Analyste

Marcus Klebe est impliqué dans les marchés financiers depuis 1999 et, au cours de sa carrière, il a pu examiner les marchés mondiaux sous différents angles. En tant qu'analyste financier à New York ou négociant et coach en Allemagne, son expérience longue et variée et sa connaissance approfondie des marchés l'ont aidé, lui et ses clients, à trouver un chemin réussi et équilibré pour naviguer dans le monde complexe et dynamique du marché boursier. En plus de ses activités exclusives de trading et de coaching intensif pour le swing et le day trading, Marcus Klebe travaille également dans le crowdfunding, une forme alternative d'investissement qui peut également offrir des opportunités d'investissement lucratives.

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Darius Anucauskas

Responsable de la gestion de portefeuille

Intéressé depuis longtemps par les marchés financiers, Darius a débuté sa carrière en tant que trader individuel en 2011. Après avoir obtenu un diplôme en économie et en relations internationales de l'Université de Bradford, il a décidé de prendre le trading plus au sérieux et de se former à ce champ. Auparavant, il a travaillé pour RBS et d'autres institutions financières au Royaume-Uni. Le trading, les marchés financiers et l'analyse ont toujours été sa passion. C'est pourquoi il a décidé de poursuivre la désignation de technicien de marché agréé. Pour lui, tout se passe dans la vie pour une raison et les mouvements de marché ne font pas exception.

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Andreas Bernstein

Trader, Conférencier et Coach

Andreas Bernstein est un trader actif, conférencier et coach depuis 2001 sous le pseudonyme de "Bernecker1977". Il trade principalement des indices, des devises et des matières premières mais aussi des futures, des produits dérivés et des CFD depuis environ 20 ans. Son trading est basé notamment sur les données de sentiment du marché et une lecture graphique.

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Bernd Mormann

Active on the financial markets since the beginning of the 90s, Bernd Mormann worked for many years for a management consultancy in asset management and subsequently for various fund companies in the field of performance- and risk-analysis. Since 2014, he is investing and trading in proprietary trading. In intraday trading, his focus is preferably on automated systems. In swing trading he prefers the discretionary approach. Since March 2020, he is supporting the TA4YOU team with his expertise and the supervision of various projects. The ForexBull trader software is the main part he is focused on. Here he was in charge of the development of the trading robot (Expert Advisor) and helped with the integration of the screener to enhance the software. Focus: Algo, Forex & Rainbow Trading

Alexander Kaspareit

Traders and entrepreneur

Alexander Kaspareit is a full-time trader and founder of He is active in the financial markets since 2008 and made the leap to full-time trader in 2019. Alex is living since 2017 in a tropical place with his family (his wife and 2 children) and enjoys the advantages of a time-saving trading strategy. In 2021 he had his best result so far with over 200% profit, which he traded transparently in public. In the meantime, Alex Kaspareit himself is a coach for beginners to become a professional trader and provides to his participants his best trading strategies, which can also be implemented automatically. On his YouTube and Instagram channel "Kaspareit-Trading" he regularly publishes high-quality trading content. His focus: Swing-trading of major markets with the support of algorithms.


Institutional Traders

Two traders - one company - consisting of MArco and DAniel >> MADA Institutional.Traders<< Their task is to bring stock market topics closer to people and to enhance their knowledge. They put all their heart and soul into this project. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, they accompany everyone who wants to learn trading properly. With passion and attention through details, they impart the right and genuine knowledge of the stock markets. Thanks to their institutional experience, they raise the training industry to a new, professional level and strengthen the trust of their customers: Trust not only in them as mentors, but also in the international financial markets. With more than 25 years of combined market experience, MADA stands for the highest level of professionalism in the private coaching sector. Their focus: Institutional day trading

Cristof Ensslin


Cristof Ensslin is one of the leading experts in the field of automated Forex- and CFD-trading in the german-speaking area. He is programming and using Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4 and 5 since 2011. Previously, he worked for companies like LBBW, Daimler (Group Treasury), Morgan Stanley, HypoVereinsbank and Deutsche Bank, which contributed to his wealth of experience in rule-based financial trading. Through his company mindful FX, he is publishing the most valuable insights into algo trading via a weekly blog since 2017. Since 2021 he is also teaching his methods in his coaching program "EA Trader School" ". His focus: Algo trading of all major markets

Dennis Gürtler

Traders and entrepreneur

Dennis Gürtler is the founder and head of trading of a proprietary trading company. The former portfolio manager is active in the financial markets since 2007 and has great expertise in the development of trading systems and discretionary approaches. With, he offers to interested traders the opportunity to deal professionally with arbitrary movements of the stock exchanges according to fixed rules. His team has trained over several hundred participants to become profitable traders. His focus: Algo- & swing-trading of all markets