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Trade CFDs on ETFs & ETNs With JFD

Trade CFDs on ETFs & ETNs With JFD

At JFD, you can trade 20+ ETFs and ETNs. If you’re new to trading, here’s what you need to know about both.

ETFs and ETNs both have similarities but to an experienced trader, they’re quite different. ETF stands for exchange-traded funds while ETN stands for exchange-traded notes. ETFs are more popular than ETNs due to their lower fee structure and simple price action. They are a perfect replacement for mutual funds. Both ETNs and ETFs stand out with their low expense ratios in comparison to mutual funds, their underlying asset tracking, and the ability to trade them on major exchanges like stocks.

The main difference is that by investing in an ETF, you are investing into a fund that holds the asset it tracks, whereas an ETN is more like a bond that can be held to maturity, bought or sold at will.

Why ETFs and ETNs?

A Low-Cost Investment

With CFD on ETFs and ETNs, you’re investing in the price of the instrument rather than buying the actual ETF or ETN, which makes it them a great choice for beginners.

Portfolio Diversification

ETFs include different types of investments like stocks, commodities, or bonds. Make your trading portfolio diversified and improve your trading skills.

Risk Protection

At JFD, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your ETF and ETN trading carries minimum risk and is secure thanks to our negative balance protection.
21 ETFs & 4 ETNs
$0.025 per share / minimum ticket charge $5
Available for all high volume traders
Please contact support@jfdbrokers.com
Overnight Financing Charges
3.25% ± Respective Benchmark Rate
View details
Benchmark Rates
Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)
For more info please see full Contract Specifications
Default margin: 20%
Lower margin: 20%

Note: The lower margin is available only to “professional” clients and clients of JFD Overseas Ltd.

For more info please see full Contract Specifications
1000 CFDs

Commissions / Fees

Instruments USD EUR GBP CHF
CFDs on ETFs 2.5 cps*/minimum ticket charge 5 USD 2.5 cps*/minimum ticket charge 5 USD 2.5 cps*/minimum ticket charge 5 USD 2.5 cps*/minimum ticket charge 5 USD


commission per 1 Lot per side

* cps = cents per share


Any Questions?

How can I benefit from CFDs?

The main advantage of CFDs is that they make your trading more cost-effective. You can trade as low as 0,10 EUR per point and you’re only investing in a portion. CFDs are an over the counter or OTC product. They base themselves on underlying instruments like shares, futures, or spot indices. However, futures could be expensive - if you are trading 1 future on the DAX, 1 point equals 25 Euros.

With JFD, you can take advantage of low spreads and minimal commissions. See our Contract Specifications for more details. In addition, you will benefit from more flexibility and more precise risk management. You’ll have the opportunity to open the position size you need and go short. Enjoy these benefits on a more granular level with mini CFDs.

How will trading CFDs with JFD give me an overall better trading experience?
By trading CFDs with JFD, you are not just a small client facing a large giant. We offer clients anonymity and transparency, guaranteeing that your interests are protected. We act as intermediaries between you and the liquidity providers. All of your orders are recorded and processed with precision.

Trading CFDs with JFD instead of directly with Market Makers is always better as we have your best interests in mind.

Are there any risks in CFD trading?
Just like any form of trading, there are risks and opportunities. CFDs are extremely flexible and require a high degree of risk management. As leveraged products, you’re only trading on margin and deposit only a fraction of the total position value. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, by reading our full Risk Disclosure.
Does JFD pay dividends on CFDs?

Yes, depending on the CFD type.

When trading CFDs on stocks, indices, or ETFs:

If you hold a BUY (long) position, your trading account will be credited with the net dividend (dividend after taxes).
If you hold a SELL (short) position, the gross dividend (dividend before taxes) will be deducted from your available balance.

The transaction will be reflected on your trading account instantly on the ex-dividend date.

You can find all transactions related to dividends in your account history or your daily account statement.