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Higher Leverage Trading for Professional Clients

As a professional client of JFD Brokers, you can enjoy lower margin requirements* outside the scope of ESMA’s restrictions applicable to retail traders. This means a leverage of up to 1:400 on FX and 1:100 on CFD instruments (cryptos, indices, commodities and so on). Take advantage of more opportunities to turn your well-defined investment strategies into reality, with optimized risk management.

Are you eligible for a professional account?

To qualify as a professional client, you need to provide documentary evidence that you meet at least two of the following three criteria for categorization:

  • Over the previous four quarters, you’ve carried out transactions in significant size on the relevant markets at an average frequency of 10 per quarter
  • The size of your financial portfolio (including cash deposits and financial instruments) exceeds 500,000 EUR
  • You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged

If you are not eligible for a professional account status, you can still trade 1500+ instruments with JFD on multiple platforms as a retail client with a negative balance protection.

* Lower margin requirements can be found in the brackets in the “Default Margin” column of the Contact Specifications of each asset class

How to Become a Professional Client of JFD?

If you meet JFD’s criteria for a professional trader, you can open a live trading account. In the account opening form (AOF), you will be asked to fill in a client categorization questionnaire. Once your live trading account is ready and active, simply follow these steps to request a professional status categorization:

1 Log into My JFD.
2If applicable, fill in and submit the client categorization questionnaire for review (this can be done only once).
3Provide all necessary documents needed as an evidence for the categorization as a reply to the email that you will receive from our Client Service team.

Remember: You always have the right to request a different categorization. At any time, you can request a higher level of protection by being categorized again as a retail client.

The Difference Between Professional Traders & Retal Traders

Before applying for a professional client status, it is important to fully understand all benefits & limitations involved. As a professional client, the following trading conditions will apply:

  • Your orders may not always be processed according to the best execution rule applicable to retail traders.
  • Your orders may not always be executed under the procedures and arrangements that JFD has in place to promptly and fairly protect the interests of its retail clients.
  • You will not be asked to prove your expertise by passing an appropriateness test (required for retail traders) when choosing the financial products or services most relevant for you.
  • You may not receive detailed information from JFD about the company’s services, financial instruments, proposed investment strategies, execution venues and the arrangements through which it will be remunerated as well as any other information relevant to the retail traders.
  • You may not receive post-trade order execution or investment management reports from JFD.
  • You are not covered by the Investor’s Compensation Fund protecting the retail traders.
  • You will not be covered under the Negative Balance Protection offered by JFD to retail clients.
  • Your funds are subject to the Title Transfer Collateral Arrangements of the Company.

See the following investor categorization comparison table for further reference:

Professional trader
Not applicable
Optional (upon client request)
Retail trader
Required (upon client request)

Important: Please note that in specific countries there are restrictions in place preventing JFD from accepting retail clients. However, based on the regulation in the respective jurisdictions, these restrictions may not apply for professional clients. If applicable, you will be notified about this while filling in the account opening form. In such case or if you believe that you can be accepted by JFD as a professional client, please contact our Client Service team for more information.

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