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Upcoming reverse stock split of Tui N

We want to notify you that on 24/02/2023, the stock of Tui N will undergo a reverse split at the ratio of 10:1 (for every 10 shares, the investors will receive one share, and the current share price will increase 10 times). This corporate event will impact both the physical instrument (TUIG.D.EX) and its CFD equivalent (TUIG.D) available for trading on JFD’s platforms.

Therefore, we will perform the necessary adjustments to any open positions in the respective instruments. If you have associated pending orders (including Stop Loss and Take Profit levels), you should close them before the market closes on 23/02/2023. Otherwise, we will do it for you.

Clients holding 10 or less than 10 shares should close their positions before the market closes on 23.02.2022. Otherwise, JFD will do so and they will be left with no allocations.