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Hemos observado sitios web fraudulentos que aparentan tener una conexión con JFD

Tenga en cuenta los sitios web fraudulentos que se hacen pasar por afiliados y / o contrapartes de JFD. Para obtener más información, consulte la lista de sitios web que afirman tener una conexión con JFD.

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Upcoming removal of Deutsche Bank

We want to notify you that on 08.12.2023, we will remove Deutsche Bank (DBK.D.EX) Physical Stock from JFD’s offering due to being restricted from trading by our LP’s.

Therefore, if you have any open or pending orders (including Stop Loss and Take Profit levels) you can request closing them by JFD until 08.12.2023. Otherwise, we will do it for you before the market closes on 08.12.2023.

Should you have any other questions, our friendly, multilingual Client Service is ready to assist you 24/5.