The New Age of Trading Is Here

It is a good time to be a trader. We are proud to present our newest platform, MT5+. We have taken the latest version of the world’s most popular retail software and added a plethora of features that are designed to benefit you, the trader. With MT5+, you now have direct access to more than 800 instruments from 8 asset classes, sourced from 20+ LPs (Tier 1 Banks, Non-Bank LPs and MTFs). All this runs on a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, hosted on optimised Equinix servers. What is more, our pure Agency Model offers you a just fair and direct way of trading, along with full anonymity, transparency, and our unique post-trade execution reports.

Start trading smart with our MT5+!

Your Advantages with MT5+

Improved Market Watch

Additional Details & Trading Tabs Included

Economic Calendar

Built-In Tab with Release Schedules, Level of Impact, Previous Data and more

Improved Charts

New and Expanded Charting Capabilities for All Symbols

Technical Indicators

22 Analytical Objects & 46 Graphical Objects

More Order Types

6 Types of Pending Orders & 2 Types of Stop Orders

Your MetaTrader 5+ Experience

MT5+ Desktop Version & JFD’s Add-Ons

MT5+ Desktop Version & JFD’s Add-Ons

Our exclusive version of the most popular trading platform comes fully equipped with advanced chart analysis and a full range of EAs. To give you that additional edge, we have prepared a unique Add-Ons package that features a lot of handy tools designed to further improve your trading.


800+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes
500+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes
500+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes



StereoTrader is now here to change the way you trade for the better. This addition to JFD’s MetaTrader 5+ completely transforms the platform’s layout, giving traders access to more information, commands, order types, and a multitude of special features. Allowing both manual and automated trading, StereoTrader expands your arsenal better than any other MT5+ add-on ever could.

You can get the StereoTrader add-on and benefit from all its useful features for the exclusive price of only 29.90€ per month. Revolutionise your MetaTrader 5+ experience and explore the unlimited possibilities that StereoTrader offers!

Get Your Licence

For more information, please check out our FAQ StereoTrader.

Any questions?

MetaTrader 5 is an electronic trading platform on which you can trade foreign exchange, CFDs on stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs & ETNs, indices, and futures. MT5+ is a proprietary software that you can install on your computer.
Click here for our MT5+ Desktop User Guide.
Click here to see the differences between the two terminals on our platform comparison page. You can also view our tutorial videos to find out the main differences between the tools on MT5+ and MT4+.
To download the MetaTrader 5+, you need to open either a Demo Account or a Live Account with JFD Brokers. If you already have a Live Account, you can find the download link for the platform in your personal MyJFD area.
Unfortunately, you cannot. You need to open a new account that will be exclusive for MT5+.
The latest client terminal can operate under Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012/2016. A processor that supports SSE2 instruction sets is also required for operation. Other hardware requirements depend on what instruments and EAs you are going to use. We recommend to have at least a Dual Core processor with 2 GB RAM and a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024x768.
No, it is not possible to use the same EAs from MT4+ in the MT5+ terminal, because the MT4+ platform is written in MQL 4 programming language whereas the MT5+ platform is programmed in MQL 5.
In addition to the standard ‘Buy by market’ and ‘Sell by market’, MT5+ also offers a total of six pending orders:
  • Buy limit
  • Sell limit
  • Buy stop
  • Sell stop
  • Buy Stop Limit
  • Sell Stop Limit

MT5+ also offers three closing options:

  • Stop loss
  • Take profit
  • Trailing Stop

Note: The platform does not need to be open in order for pending orders or closing options to work. These order details are stored on the trade server and are not dependent on the MT5+ platform.

The pending order is stored on our servers and remains active and will be executed as soon as the market reaches the relevant price. This happens regardless of whether your MT5+ client terminal is open or closed.
All charts in MT5+ are generated from the Bid price.
Our MT5+ platform is based on London Time.
Yes, our unique Add-Ons package is also available for MT5+. You can download it for free here.
Click here to find out the different asset classes and instruments offered by MT5+ as well as JFD's other platforms.
Yes, there are two options to do so: use the WebTrader or one of our VPS providers.
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Margin Trading is high risk and not suitable for all. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.