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JFD's Strategic Report is an exclusive (available only upon subscription) weekly newsletter presenting a comprehensive outlook of the factors and conditions that will shape the financial markets for a week ahead. It provides institutional-grade market research and analysis in an easy-to-understand form suitable for retail investors with different level of experience. JFD's in-house team of experts deliver actionable insights highlighting the main price movement scenarios in selected markets (forex. indices, commodities, precious metals, stocks and cryptos) illustrated with vivid commentaries and charts.

Our proprietary content will help you navigate in today's increasingly complex and interconnected global financial markets that often are too difficult to assess and interpret for proper investment decisions considering the constant flows of information coming from all corners. Knowledge is key. Therefore, we believe that by publishing proprietary material leveraging from our unrivalled expertise in the financial markets gained over years of professional trading, rather than outsourcing this function to retail-oriented providers (i.e. as many brokers do), we prove our absolute commitment to genuinely support and enhance your trading experience.

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