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Exciting News: New CFDs on Indices Now Available!

We're thrilled to announce that we launched new symbols of CFDs on Indices and they are now live! You can start trading with these upgraded symbols right away, and we're excited to share the benefits they bring to your trading experience:

Enhanced Pricing Alignment:

Our new CFDs on Indices align more closely with the point value of the underlying exchange indices. This means pricing is now easier to compare and analyze, providing you with clearer insights for your trading objectives.

Deeper Liquidity Pool:

Experience a deeper liquidity pool with our new CFDs on Indices. Enjoy higher Top of Book (ToB) and increased liquidity on every book level, giving you more trading opportunities and smoother trading.

More Competitive Pricing:

With our new CFDs on Indices, you'll enjoy more competitive pricing.

Please find below the new symbols available for trading on JFD’s platforms:




Euro 50 Index Cash



France 40 Index Cash



German 40 Index



German 40 Index - Xetra Trading Hours!



Spain 35 Index Cash



UK 100 Index



Russel 2000 Cash Index



US Dow Jones Index



US Dow Jones Index - NYSE Trading Hours!



US 500 Index Cash



US Nasdaq Index



Netherlands 25 Index Cash



Hong Kong 50 Index



Japan 225 Index

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in trading. We look forward to continuing to serve you and providing you with an exceptional trading experience.