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Company FAQ

Is JFD Brokers an 100% DMA/STP FX & CFDs broker or a market maker?

JFD Brokers isn't a market maker and never trades against its clients. All trades are either passed on directly to reference market (foreign exchange, equity CFDs), or they are hedged simultaneously and completely (indices, commodities, bonds).

How safe is my money with JFD Brokers?

The security of your investment has the highest priority for JFD Brokers. All clients' funds are kept separately from any company capital and deposited with German and British banks! Clients' funds are paid into an account with the Wirecard Bank AG which has a German banking licence and is affiliated to the German Banks' Deposit Protection Fund. During the further course of the process, all clients' funds are held by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, one of the world's largest banking groups and are, again, kept separately from company capital. In the unlikely event of JFD Brokers declaring bankruptcy, no clients' funds would be affected as they would not be part of the insolvency estate.

In addition, JFD Brokers is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund.

General FAQ

What is the minimum deposit for a live account with JFD Brokers?

The minimum deposit is either 500 EUR (account in euro), 500 CHF (account in Swiss francs), 500 GBP (account in Pound Sterling), or 500 USD (account in US dollar). You can also make your initial payment into an account operated in euro in USD, for example. However, please note that you need the equivalent of 500 EUR in USD to be able to utilise the live account.

Does JFD Brokers offer different accounts for different investment volumes?

No. There is only one market and only one spread. Each trader is given the same market access. We believe that this is the most transparent option and that each trader deserves to get the best market access.

Traders trading high volumes are able to get rebates on the commission payable. Rebates can be granted as from a proven volume of 10 million USD per month traded.

Please send an email regarding this to

Is there any commission due when trading via JFD Brokers and, if so, how much is it?

Yes, commission (contract specifications) is charged when trading via JFD Brokers. We firmly believe that this stands for classic, reputable brokerage. We do not hide any costs in the spread and act completely transparently. You can see from our rates what spreads the market offers at the time (FX, stocks) or the spread we need for hedging ourselves in a particular reference market(CFDs on indices, commodities, bonds). If you execute a trade, we levy commission. We do not gain from your trade via the spread. This approach is transparent, fair and – incidentally – cheaper.

Please note: Commission charges will vary for residents of Mainland China.

Does JFD Brokers permit scalping and automated trading?

Of course. JFD Brokers can be used with any trading style and any Expert Advisor (automated trading system). JFD Brokers doesn't have a dealing desk and never holds the counter position to the trader. We are therefore happy about every scalp trader.

What is the smallest order size?

The minimum order size in Forex trading is 0.01 lot or 1 microlot (1,000 units of base currency), for CFDs on indices, bonds, and commodities 1 lot (= 1 CFD). The minimum order size for DMA equity CFDs is 1 lot (= 1 stock share). However, there is an exception on some instruments where the mini lot size (0.1 CFD) is enabled. For a complete overview of the lot sizes, please refer to our contract specifications.

Opening an account

How do I open a live account?

You can open your live account at JFD Brokers within a very short time. Just fill in the Online Account Opening Form (OAOF) completely. After that you will receive an email informing you about the next steps and containing a download link to our MT4+ trading platform. After your details have been verified and your complete data has been registered, you will receive another email with the login credentials for your live account! Obviously, to be able to do live trading, you need to deposit funds in your account! Please ensure, too, that your first payment at least equals the required minimum deposit!

How can I transfer money to my live account?

We attach great importance to security. Therefore, you can transfer funds to your live account using bank remittance (SEPA or non-SEPA) or JFD’s online payment solution. If you use bank remittance, please note that we will accept payments only from a bank account kept in your name. Thus, this account must have been entered as reference account at JFD Brokers. You can do this using the Online Account Opening Form (OAOF) or later contact our Customer Support team to change the information and create new reference accounts. To you use JFD's online payment solution, you need to send us a copy of your credit card (the last 4 digits must be visible).


What documents are needed to open a live account?

Before you are able to open a live account with JFD Brokers, we will request from you the following documents:

  • For citizens of Cyprus: Copy of a valid identity card or passport (both front and back).
  • For citizens of other states: Copy of a valid passport document (photo, personal data, signature, dates of issue and expiry, place of issue and serial number must be clearly legible).
  • A so-called "utility bill". This is a statement of consumption, e.g. a bill for electricity, heating, water, or a credit card statement!

Other identity documents may be accepted or required, depending on your country of birth resp. home country. Please contact our Customer Service with regard to this.

What currencies can I open an account with JFD Brokers in?

You can open accounts in EUR, CHF, GBP, and USD.

How do I open a demo account?

You can open your demo account at JFD Brokers within a very short time.. Please complete the registration form. You will then receive an email with a download link to our MT4+ trading platform. After installing it, you can start testing JFD’s unique trading conditions right away!

How safe is the online registration with JFD Brokers?

At JFD Brokers, we attach great importance to client privacy. Therefore, we apply the certificate-based SSL encryption protocol - also used by banks – in our online registration forms.

FAQ account management

How can I pay money into my account?

You can pay funds by bank remittance or by using JFD’s online payment solution provider - SafeCharge.Please note that we attach great importance to security. For that reason, we only accept payments from a bank account kept in the client's name. If you use bank remittance, this account must have been entered as reference account at JFD Brokers. You can do this using the OAOF (Online Account Opening Form) or later contact our Customer Service to change the information and create new reference accounts. If you use JFD's online payment solution you must send us a copy of your credit card (the last 4 digits must be visible).

In which currencies can I deposit money to my live account?

Our online payment system supports the following currencies:

  • USD: US Dollar
  • EUR: Euro
  • CHF: Swiss Franc
  • GBP: British Pound
  • RUB: Russian Ruble
  • SEK: Swedish Krona
  • NOK: Norwegian Krone
  • INR: Indian Rupees
  • NIS: Israeli Shekel
  • AED: Arab Emirates Dirham
  • EGP: Egyptian Pound


Via bank wire transfer you can fund your live account using any currency you prefer. However, if you deposit money using a currency that is different than the one your live account is denominated in, JFD Brokers will convert at current market rates the deposited amount into the base currency of your account. Please note that our current market rates and spreads are usually more favourable than those of your principal bank.

How long does it take before the deposited money is credited to my live account?

If you deposit funds using JFD’s online payment solution, they will be credited to your live account within 24 hours on banking working days. In case you deposit funds using a wire transfer, it might take longer for the transaction to be completed depending on the terms and conditions of your local bank.

How can I withdraw money from my live account with JFD Brokers?
  1. Bank remittance

    It's quite simple to withdraw your funds using a bank wire transfer. You just need to download the appropriate withdrawal request form (click on the respective link below to open the PDF document in a new browser tab and use the Save As option to save it on your computer). Please choose from the following forms:

    After saving the form on your computer, please fill in your details, print out the form, sign it and send it to us via e-mail at:

    In order to protect all parties against the possibility of perpetration of any financial crime and comply with AML Directive DI144-2007-08 of 2012 of Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and related EU regulations, JFD Brokers will only process withdrawals/refunds back to the source of the original deposit.
    Please be informed that in the event that funds have been deposited by both an online payment solution(Credit/Debit Card) and by bank wire, the funds deposited via the online solution will be processed first back to the sending credit/debit card up to the total amount deposited through this method and then any remaining funds will be returned by bank wire transfer.

  2. JFD's online payment solution

    Please note that in order to withdraw funds using SafeCharge, JFD’s online payment solution provider, you need to make an online deposit first.
    There are two ways to withdraw funds online:

    1. Credit Standard: Payback on amount which equals or is less than the initial deposit made online. You will be charged 0.85 EUR per transfer and the procedure takes around 2-3 days.
    2. Credit Extra: Payback on amount which is higher than the initial deposit made online. You will be charged 7.35 EUR per transfer and the procedure takes around 3 - 10 days.
      * Please note that this will not apply if your country does not support the CFT program. Click here to find out if your card and country is supported. In this case, the extra amount will be transferred via bank transfer.

    First, you will need to fill in the Online Withdrawal Request Form where you should select one of the above mentioned 2 options currently available (depending on the amount that you would like to withdraw).

    Once ready, you simply have to send us the completed form at

How long does it take for my money to be paid out?

Please note that this information is only an indication and depends first and foremost on the banks involved in the transaction!

  • Withdrawals to a German bank will, as a rule, be credited to your account within 2 - 3 working days
  • Withdrawals to a European bank usually require 3 - 5 working days to be credited
  • Withdrawals to banks outside Europe usually need 4 - 7 working days before they are credited to your account.
  • Withdrawals using Safecharge's Standard Credit (for withdrawals which are equal or less than your initial online deposit) will be credited within 2 -3 working days
  • Withdrawals using Safecharge's Extra Credit (for withdrawals which can be higher than your initial online deposit) will be credited within 3-10 working days
Are there any charges for wire transfer incoming payments and withdrawals?

JFD Brokers does not charge any processing fees on client transfers and does not mark-up any eventual transfer fees as and when charged by Banks. In effect, Banks may charge JFD Brokers and/or JFD Brokers’ clients for transfers. When such transfer charges are applicable, they are transparently deducted from JFD Brokers’ clients’ payments either by JFD Brokers and/or JFD Brokers’ clients’ Bankers whichever applies.

I would like to use your online payment solutions. How can I register for this service?

Each client who has a live trading account with JFD Brokers can use our Online payment solutions for safe and quick depositing of funds. In order to register for the Online payment solutions, please send to our Customer Support a scanned copy of your credit card, which we need in order to verify the source of the deposited funds. You can hide the credit card code by leaving only the 4 last digits visible.

Note: The card should be in the name of the live trading account holder. We cannot accept payments from third parties.

What online payment options are available to fund my account?

We accept credit cards (VISA debit/credit, Maestro and MasterCard).

I do not remember my password. How can I get a new one?

Please visit the following page on our website - and click on the link ‘Create new password’.

What is the minimum deposit I can transfer online?

There is a minimum initial deposit of 500 units in the base currency of your MT4 account.
Apart from that requirement, there is no minimum amount for online deposits.

What is the maximum deposit I can transfer online?
  • If you use Visa, Maestro or Master Card, the maximum deposit is 5000 USD per day. You cannot make more than 5 deposits per hour and more than 8 deposits per day.
How safe is the online payment?

SafeCharge is Level 1 certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). PCI security standards are operational requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council in order to protect card holder data. These standards govern all merchants and organizations that store, process, or transmit this data.

How safe are my credit card credentials?

The Back Office system can only see the 4 last digits of your credit card code for verification. That’s why we ask you to provide us with a scanned copy of your credit card, where only the 4 last digits are visible.

What fees will I be charged when using the online payment solutions?

Please find below detailed information regarding the fees you will be charged for online deposits and withdrawals:

Online Deposit
Charges for VISA / Maestro / Master Card:   Example:
Amount after
EUR: 0.38 EUR 1.95% 500.00* 489,9*
GBP: 0.38 GBP 1.95% 500.00* 489,9*
USD: 0.38 USD 2.95% 500.00* 484,9*
RUB: 24.20 RUB 2.95% 500.00* 461.05*
Other currencies 0.38 Units 2.95% 500.00* 484,9*

Online Withdrawals
Charges for VISA / Maestro / Master Card:   Example:
Amount after
Credit Standard 0.88 Units   500.00* 499.12*
Credit Extra 7.38 Units   500.00* 492,62*


All fees are charged per money transfer processed in EUR, USD and GBP.

For other processing currencies, fees will be charged in EUR.


FAQ MetaTrader4 (MT4)

Is there a JFD Brokers MT4 User Guide?
What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an electronic trading platform on which you can trade foreign exchange and CFDs on stock (DMA), bonds, commodities, and indices. MT4 permits you to use a wide range of order types and features, for example:

  • Realtime push prices
  • Comprehensive chart module with numerous technical analysis options
  • Setting of price alerts

In addition, you can allow automated trading system (so-called "expert advisors") to trade via MT4. MT4 is a proprietary software that you can install on your computer.

Where can I download MT4?

To use the JFD Brokers MetaTrader 4 (MT4), you need to open either a demo account or a live account with JFD Brokers. You will then receive a link for downloading our MetaTrader4 platform immediately!

What minimum requirements does my computer have to meet to use MetaTrader 4?

The Client Terminal can operate using Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) / Windows 2003 / Vista / 2008, Windows 7, 8 or 10. A processor that supports SSE2 instruction sets is also required for operating the platfrom. Other hardware requirements depend on the number of active instruments and charts i.e. what the terminal is going to be used for (e.g. receiving quotes and news in the online mode; performing trade operations;controlling and managing open positions and pending orders; conducting technical analysis; writing expert advisors, custom indicators, scripts, and functions in MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4); testing and optimizing trading strategies; running MQL4 applications)

What is an Expert Advisor (EA)?

Expert Advisors are automated trading systems based on the MQL programming language. EAs are used to automate analytical and/or trading processes. For example, EAs are able to execute entire trading strategies completely independently. When an EA is deployed, it is not necessary for the chart of the currency pair traded to be opened. It is, however, imperative to open MetaTrader 4 from JFD Brokers.
Note: EAs are automated trading systems that were developed by third parties. JFD Brokers does not assume any liability whatsoever for losses caused by employing these EAs.

What is custom indicator (CIN, indicator developed in-house)?

A CIN is an indicator that was developed and programmed in-house within the "MetaEditor" using MQL programming language.

How can I program EAs (automated trading systems)?

To create your own EAs and indicators developed by yourself, you need to use the implemented "MetaEditor". This can be started from the "client terminal" and provides an appropriate integrated programming environment.

How can I have an EA trading on my live account?

If, after careful consideration, you have decided to let an EA trade on your JFD Brokers live account, you have to proceed as follows:

  • The EA must be saved in the "Experts" subfolder of the MT4 folder (usually C:\Program Files\MetaTrader –JFD Brokers\Experts).
  • Start the JFD Brokers MT4 now. Open the "navigation" window and pull the EA onto the chart!
  • Should the EA contain DLLs, you need to activate (check) the box "enable import of DLLs" within the options menu appearing.
  • Click the "Expert Advisor" button in the upper part of MT4. You should now be able to see a "smiley" in the top right-hand part of the chart which means that the EA is now running.
  • Note: EAs are automated trading systems developed by third parties. JFD Brokers does not assume any liability whatsoever for losses caused by utilising these EAs.
What order types does MT4 offer?

MT4 provides a multitude of order types. These are:

  • Buy by market
  • Sell by market
  • Stop loss
  • Take profit
  • Buy limit
  • Sell limit
  • Buy stop
  • Sell stop
What happens to a pending order when I close the JFD Brokers MT4?

The "pending order" is stored on our servers. Therefore, the order remains active and will be executed as soon as the market attains the relevant price. This happens regardless of whether your MT4 Client terminal is closed or open.

What market price is used as basis for the candles/bars/lines etc.?

All charts in MT4 are generated from the "BID" price!

What is the default time zone used by JFD Brokers MT4?

JFD Brokers MT4 is based on London Time.

How to Change Your MT4 Password?

You can change your password in the following way:

  1. Please select from the main menu Tools -> Options
  2. In the section Server, please click on the Change button.
  3. You will see a new window Change Password, in which you can create your new password and then click OK.
For your new password you can use capital or small letters, numbers and symbols.

How can I change the language of my MT4 terminal?

To change the language of the MT4 terminal, you need to follow these quick steps:

  1. Open the View option from the top menu.
  2. In the drop down list click on Languages.
  3. Select the language of your choice.
  4. Restart the terminal in order for the change to take effect.

FAQ licences and regulations

What regulating authority is licensing and regulating JFD Brokers Ltd.?

JFD Brokers Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the Cypriot Financial Authority CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) as CIF (Cyprus investment firm) under the Investment Services and Regulated Market Law of 2007 (Law no. 144(I)/2007) and the CySEC rules. The JFD Brokers Ltd. licence number is 150/11.

JFD Brokers Ltd. is registered with the German financial authority BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). This authority is subject to legal and technical supervision by the Federal Ministry of Finance. As supervisory agency for financial markets, the BaFin supervises and controls all areas of the German financial system within the framework of universal financial services supervision. The JFD Brokers registration number is 126399.

JFD Brokers Ltd. is registered with the French Autorite de Controle Prudentiel Banque de France - ACP (Registration number 74013).

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is an EU directive on the harmonisation of financial markets within the single European market. The directive was implemented in Cyprus with the law on "Investment Services and Regulated Market Law (Law no. 144(I)/2007)" of 2007. JFD Brokers Ltd. complies with the European Directive on markets in financial instruments (MiFID).


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Risk Warning:

Trading Foreign Exchange and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors. JFD Brokers offers trading on margin. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you. Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary and review our Risk Disclosure and Privacy Disclosure before opening an account. Copyright © 2012 JFD Brokers Ltd.
JFD Brokers Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission - CySEC (Licence number: 150/11) and is a Member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). JFD Brokers Ltd. is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) (Registration number: 126399), the British Financial Conduct Authority - FCA (Registration number: 580193), the French Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution - ACPR (Registration number 74013) and is MiFID compliant under the Investment Services and Regulated Market Law of 2007 (Law number: 144(I)/2007). JFD Brokers Ltd. is licenced to provide the investment services of Agency Only Execution (i.e. reception and transmission of orders, execution of orders on behalf of clients) and Portfolio Management in relation to Transferable Securities, Options, Futures, SWAPS, Forward Rate Agreements, Financial Contracts for Differences (CFD) and other Derivatives. JFD Brokers Ltd. is also licenced to provide the ancillary service of Safekeeping and Administration of Financial Instruments. is owned and operated by JFD Brokers Ltd., Cyprus.
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