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Building high performance partner- and trader-centric technology is at the heart of what we do best. JFD does not invest millions in marketing, but rather sets new industry benchmarks by providing our partners with the ultimate hi-tec solutions that are both cost-effective and scalable with ultra-low latency which provides reliability for all traders.

Service is provided by JFD Group Ltd (CySEC License No.150/11)

Solutions & Options

MT4 & MT5
Up to 1500 Symbols
Cash Equities, ETFs, CFDs, FX
Automatic import of pre-configured symbols
Ultra-fast setup time
No bridging fees
APIs & Bridges
Ultra competitive pricing
Cash Equities, ETFs, CFDs, FX
Up to 3000 Symbols
Flexible mark-up & commission settings
Equinix NY & LD hosted

JFD's Technology Key Fact

  1. High Performance, Ultra-low latency
  2. Superior exchange performance at Equinix NY4 (New York), LD4 (London) Datacentres all built for scalability.
  3. Customised server connection designed to scale Data-Intensive MetaTrader functionality and ensure Low-Latency.
  4. Fully optimized High-Performance Computing (HPC) with Reliability, Availability & Serviceability (RAS)