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At JFD, we have spent extra time and effort to make your MetaTrader 4+ journey as simple and effective as it can be. Our goal is for you to trade successfully with ease and clarity. Below you will find a variety of useful guides and descriptions to help you make the most of all that the MT4+ Desktop version has to offer.

If you have any questions whatsoever about this terminal, or would like a step-by-step illustrated guide to using this platform, check out our comprehensive MT4+ Desktop User Guide. If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact our helpful Customer Support who can answer any of your questions.

JFD’s MT4+ Desktop version welcomes all EAs and Indicators, without exception. Find out more about this at the bottom of this page.

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MT4+ Desktop Add-Ons Package


Extend Your Trading Functionality

JFD offers an exclusive Add-Ons package, available to all our clients - both demo and live. Scroll down for descriptions and user-guides of all the Add-Ons as well as the basic Plug-ins pre-installed on the MT4+ terminal.
MT4+ Mini Terminal

MT4+ Trade Terminal

Monitor and place orders on multiple instruments available at a glance. When it comes to managing open positions, this Add-On is really useful, allowing you to multitask within a single frame. This is where convenience meets effectiveness.

MT4+ Mini Terminal Zoom

MT4+ Mini Terminal - Depth of the Market

In a compact window the Mini Terminal enables you to do all the important trading tasks in the blink of an eye. Placing orders, changing their parameters (e.g. Stop Loss and Take Profit), creating order templates and general order management has never been so easy.

MT4+ Chart Trader
MT4+ Mini Terminal

MT4+ Mini Terminal - Chart Trader

Set or amend Limit Orders, as well as Take Profit and Stop Loss limits in a fraction of a second, directly on the MT4 charts. The Chart Trader is particularly helpful in fast moving situations when quick reactions are a crucial factor to success.

MT4+ Chart Trader Zoom

MT4+ Smart Lines (included in the MT4+ Mini terminal)

Manage your open positions and mitigate risk exposure by setting trend-line Stop Loss or Take Profit levels, multiple partial stops at different prices (i.e. partial closes at different price levels) as well as time-based stops (e.g. close all positions at midnight). The Smart Lines Add-On use line objects drawn by you on an MT4 chart as the S/L or T/P for your open positions.

MT4+ Smart Lines

MT4+ Smart Lines

MT4+ Excel RTD

Build your own easy to use and analyse trading dashboard displaying important information such as account equity and balance, instrument prices, and a consolidated list of open positions. The Excel RTD Add-On allows you to put real-time data into Excel using only Excel’s RTD() function (with no macros, programming, nor XLL add-ins required) and send simple trading commands from VBA code in Excel.

MT4+ Excel RTD Zoom

MT4+ Excel RTD

MT4+ Stealth Orders

Apart from placing pending orders, you can now also set entry and exit levels for your positions that will also remain hidden from the market. Once the respective price levels are reached, the Add-on will place your buy/sell orders. It can also automatically close multiple positions (even all orders in your trading account) if their combined profit reaches a certain threshold, defined by you. Stealth Orders can be a useful addition to any complex trading strategy.

MT4+ Stealth Orders

MT4+ Stealth Orders

MT4+ Tick Chart Trader

Trade quickly using your keyboard or mouse right from the tick charts in your MT4+ terminal. The Tick Chart Trader Add-On shows tick charts (compiled from the time that it started running) in a variety of styles providing extra-fast position entry and exit, on a “First In - First Out” (FIFO) basis. You can choose among 5 chart styles – tick charts, tick speed, timed charts, tick candles and “versus” charts, all of which have unique, useful features giving you a comprehensive tradable overview of the symbol prices.

MT4+ Tick Chart Trader

MT4+ Tick Chart Trader

MT4+ Sentiment Trader

Take advantage of the collective mind while crafting a trading strategy. This tool provides invaluable information about current and historic long/short sentiment, i.e. the percentage of traders who currently have (or had) an open buy or sell position on a symbol. You will get a feeling of the popularity that particular instruments have within the JFD trading community.

MT4+ Sentiment Trader zoom

MT4+ Sentiment Trader
MT4+ Correlation Trader

MT4+ Correlation Trader

Identify symbols with strong or weak, positive or negative correlations, and fine-tune your trading strategies according to emerging differences in the analyzed variables. This must-have tool shows the correlation between symbols over a configurable time frame.

MT4+ Correlation Trader Zoom

MT4+ Alarm Manager

Get notifications about events on your account and in the market, take automatic actions when such events occur, and send automatic updates to your followers via Twitter, email or SMS. The Alarm Manager helps you focus on the creative and/or analytical side of trading.

MT4+ Alarm Manager zoom

  MT4+ Alarm Manager
MT4+ Session Map

MT4+ Session Map

Notice future news events and receive information about your floating P/L and equity as well as price activity during the core trading hours when institutional dealers are most active. The Session Map shows your local time in relation to the trading sessions.

MT4+ Session Map Zoom

MT4+ Correlation Matrix

Bring a solid statistical foundation to your trading strategies. This powerful Add-On shows (in grid form) the correlation between symbols over a configurable timeframe and number of bars. The correlation has a significant impact on mitigating the trading risk.

MT4+ Alarm Manager zoom

MT4+ Correlation Matrix
MT4+ Connect + News Trading

MT4+ Connect + News Trading

Make informed and sensible investment decisions by staying updated with the latest fundamental news and technical analyses sourced from JANDAYA, through a diverse range of custom RSS feeds, and JFD’s award-winning proprietary Research (Market News & Analysis).

MT4+ Connect + News Trading zoom

MT4+ Market Manager

Get an overview of all open positions enhanced with a trading functionality (opening, modifying or closing orders). The Market Manager highlights information about your account such as equity, balance, margin usage, allowing you to see the big picture for particular trading activities.

MT4+ Market Manager Zoom

MT4+ Market Manager

MT4+ Indicator Suite*

Add a competitive edge to your technical and fundamental market research analysis skills with this comprehensive package of custom indicators (including Pivot Points, Renko bars, Candle Countdown, Gravity and many others) developed to serve your ever-growing needs for advanced trading tools. Transform your MT4 charts into powerful and diverse professional screens with actionable insights for finding new trading opportunities.

*Can be found under the Indicators group in the Navigator window of your MT4+ terminal.

MT4+ Indicator Suite

MT4+ Indicator Suite

MT4+ Multi-Screen Trading

Have you even wondered or tried to put yourself in the shoes of a professional broker? The Multi-Screen extension will bring your trading to a new level – in line with the most advanced investors. You will be able to create your own Multi-Monitor MT4+ experience undocking charts, newsfeeds or the Trade Terminal.

Download the Trade Terminal or the Mini Terminal User Guide for detailed instructions on how to enable the Multi-Screen Trading functionality.

multi-screen trading

Basic MT4+ Functionality*


*Preinstalled on JFD's MT4+ Terminal, available for demo and live accounts

MT4+ Chart Analyses

MT4+ Chart Analysis

Comprehensive charting tools as well as a wide array of indicators and oscillators such as the MACD, Stochastic and RSI to name a few, are offered via our MT4+, to enhance your analysis of the financial markets. We are committed to continuously updating and extending our MT4+ charting functionalities, and the MT4 trading community can vouch for JFD’s leading position and expertise in the technical analysis field.

metatrader 4 zoom

MT4+ Expert Advisor

The time has come to unleash your Expert Advisors! All EAs are welcomed with no restrictions, including the popular Fap Turbo, Megadroid, Forex Thor II, Shark 7, MDP, NMI, SuperScalper Forex and many more. Our infrastructure supports any trading styles including those focusing on latency and correlation arbitrage under all market conditions and on all asset classes.

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