Guidants Desktops & Widgets

Guidants operates on a browser version, which means there is no software to download. You can conveniently access the 8 asset classes and 800+ instruments that JFD offers on this online platform anytime, anywhere – all you need is a device that has a browser and internet connection. You can benefit from a unique feature within the Guidants platform that allows you to group different widgets into colour-coded sets, through which you can connect specific topics or instruments. Link the widgets by colour for endless connectivity possibilities! This ability to connect related elements makes information gathering clear and highly effective and allows you to monitor various markets simultaneously, so you can place trades swiftly and efficiently!

Guidants desktops

To help you trade the markets effectively, we have created various JFD Desktops, each one catering for a different type of trader, and featuring some of our favourite widgets, available for free and ready to use! You can even trade from directly within a widget simply by right-clicking on a symbol and placing your order. Our JFD Classic Desktop can be found in a list of preset Desktops for you to select from when you open the platform. Our other Desktops, JFD Fundamental and JFD Technical, can be accessed through the buttons under the descriptions below.

JFD Classic

This Desktop helps you stay in touch with your broker, experts and other traders. It will make your trading experience more interactive and social. Don’t miss our live broadcasts with market analysis and educational webinars. Find out what is happening on the markets from our JFD Stream. If you have missed something, find it in our archives on JFD Brokers Videos.

Widgets included: WatchList , JFD Live Trading TV , JFD Brokers Video , JFD Brokers Stream , Customer Support Chat

JFD Fundamental

This Desktop brings fundamental analysis to a professional level. It offers widgets synchronised in sets that increases the speed of trading, and the coverage you can get. It allows you to make a review over a whole basket of shares or indices, and receive detailed fundamental data automatically, while at the same time monitoring your trades.

Widgets included: WatchList , JFD Depot , Chart , Heatmap , Shortview , Fundamental Charts , Barometer , Economic Calendar

JFD Technical

This Desktop provides extensive charting possibilities, all of them easily accessible from the Chart. The combination of several instruments and indicators within one chart allows you to have a better look at the markets and make advanced technical analysis. Never miss important price levels with the help of the functional PriceAlarm widget.

Widgets included: WatchList , JFD Depot , Chart , Heatmap , Shortview , PriceAlarm



JFD Live Trading TV

Watch our popular broadcast feed featuring trading analysis by world-class industry experts. Covering daily analysis of the forex market, real time trading ideas and educational webinars, our TV channel streams live to thousands of traders worldwide. Catch live analysis on real time events, as they happen! This widget has the full screen option but you can keep the window in compact mode so you can follow the live feed while trading.

JFD Brokers Video

You can also access our live coverage at a later time as it is saved in videos on our you tube channel, which can be accessed through the JFD Brokers Videos widget - this way you will never miss anything important! Our videos, already acquiring more than 40,000 views, also feature additional educational trader clips, multilingual webinars and more useful tips to help you grow as a trader.

JFD Brokers Stream

Keep up-to-date with the latest market news and trading shout-outs by following JFD Brokers on our RSS feed. Receive live notifications within Guidants, and also by email, of all our newly published info from our trusted JFD research experts. Make your own view of the markets heard by adding your own comments, and interacting with our experts!

Customer Support Chat

Thanks to this unique JFD widget you can directly interact with our international trading experts, ask them questions about their published articles and videos, and even communicate with JFD Brokers’ customer support should you need help with anything. The Chat feature is a great way to interact with other traders as well, receiving useful feedback, and sharing trading tips and opinions on what is happening in the markets.


This widget offers a convenient view of your preferred instruments while at the same time allowing you to customise the data that is displayed. You have the opportunity to choose between 1-43 column values for any instrument and you can transform the WatchList anytime into a Barometer, Heatmap, and others widgets, such as TopFlop Table, according to your needs. A quick pop-up menu gives you the opportunity to set alarms, open charts and the order placing mask, and more.

JFD Depot

Gives you an overview about your account status and trades. You can monitor your trades, balance, equity, margin, profit and loss, or you can set new trades. Your open trades, pending orders, canceled ones and closed positions are sorted in different tabs so you will never lose track of your trading strategy. There is a button for opening the order placing mask as well.


All indicators are integrated and easily accessible directly through the chart. Ten different chart types, as well as correlation charts, are available. You may save your preferred charts, customise the colors, use templates or logarithmic scaling. The option to pre-set loading rules and include the chart widget in a set allows you to open an exact combination of charts with the right time frames and settings, with a single click on a preferred instrument.


Keep an eye on the hottest instruments in a particular group. Heatmap can be included in a set with a list of indices for example, so that with a single click, you can see which stocks are the best and worst performers. A quick pop-up menu gives you the opportunity to set alarms, open charts and the order placing mask, see news and more.


Put any instrument, sector (or index that combines many instruments), into a Shortview where you may choose if you want to see the Bid or Ask price of the symbol. As with other widgets, the pop-up quick menu appears just by hovering your mouse over an instrument allowing you to open charts, set alarms, open the order placing mask, see news or more info about the instrument.

Fundamental Charts

Gathers the most important fundamental parameters and statistics for any selected share in one place. Just select from the drop-down menu the information you need for the selected share to see it in a the form of a chart or table. Switch between chart and table view with the ‘Chart’ button.


With the help of this widget you can receive key facts, like information about the management team of a company, ownership distribution or the main industry the company specialises in, for any selected share. Choose the share from the menu and select the required information from the dropdown menu.


Scales the stocks from a certain index or sector according to their performance. Use the Multi-Screen option available on this and almost all of the other widgets to allocate them in your preferred way. From the action menu of the widget you can transform it anytime to either Heatmap, WatchList or any other widget. The bars in the chart are clickable and present the stocks which have similar performance in tables.

Economic Calendar

From the action menu of the chart you can select preferred regions or categories which are important to you. The Calendar Widget can also be connected in a set and personal events set up to help you trade the fundamentals.


In order not to miss when important price levels are reached, the trader may set price level alarms. You may leave comments for a trade or chart formation, and set up to be reminded with the activation of the alarm. A drop-down menu gives you the opportunity to select the direction of the price movement or to set a break-out range.

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