The Advanced Way To Achieve Automated Trading

This desktop-based platform, empowering a new way of trading, with its pre-set auto-trading rules, it is a great way to achieve automated trading with no prior programming knowledge, and without having to program EAs as is the case with MT4. Preferred by technical traders, AgenaTrader gives you the opportunity to scan the market faster than ever before thanks to its user-friendly and customisable ‘ChartGroup’ lists and its advanced software recognising chart patterns. The platform is designed with one workspace, consisting of different tabs. It is equipped with a Trading DOM that allows you to easily trade from the chart and offers additional automated risk management options. There are a lot of options for creating your own rules for trading and even for your own charts.

AgenaTrader - favoured by sophisticated, educated traders.

Your Advantages with AgenaTrader


Get the Andromeda version for only €49/month!


No programming knowledge necessary


Semi-automated trading made easy


Ideal for educated, technical traders

Your AgenaTrader Experience

Guidants web-based version

AgenaTrader Desktop Version

This platform gives you the opportunity to trade discretionary while at the same time automating the process. Interconnected with our MT4+, you have the option to switch between the two platforms. AgenaTrader also provides direct access from the platform to its bilingual YouTube channel which provides guides and tips for all users.

Is The AgenaTrader Platform Right For You?

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500+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes
500+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes
500+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes
500+ Symbols in 8 Asset Classes

Any questions?

AgenaTrader is a paid desktop-based platform allowing a variety of possibilities for automation of the trading process now available only for clients of JFD Brokers with its most advanced version (Andromeda) for only 49 EUR/month.
AgenaTrader’s YouTube channel offers detailed tutorials on how to trade on their platforms and how to connect to your account.
Screen resolution
Working memory (RAM)
System type
Hard drive
Internet connection
Microsoft .NET Framework
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
(Apple MAC via a virtual machine)
1024 x 768
Dual Core 2Ghz+
8 GB
64-bit operating system
Standard SATA
8 Mbit/s
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
(Apple MAC via a virtual machine)
1680 x 1050 and higher
Quad Core or higher 3Ghz+
16 GB and higher
64-bit operating system
16 Mbit/s
Yes, it is. Providing your JFD trading account will ensure you get AgenaTrader Andromeda at a discounted price. Please note that for the activation of AgenaTrader you will need either a Demo or a Live license from AgenaTrader.
AgenaTrader++ (PlusPlus) offers the functionality to set up your own semi-automated and fully-automated trading strategies or to use some of the predefined ones. It also provides professional tools for risk and money management. AT++ is part of the AgenaTrader Andromeda version that clients of JFD can have at a special, reduced price of 49 EUR/month.
No, it is not. The platform uses non-hedging mode (exchange logic) of trading where you have one position per instrument (e.g. you can’t have 3 lots long and 2 lots short, you will just have a net position of 1 lot long).
AgenaTrader supports market and pending orders (buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit, stop loss and take profit)
All “direct” pending orders sent to the servers of JFD Brokers remain active even after AgenaTrader is switched off.

Please note that all “synthetic” pending orders or stop loss/take profit orders of a pending order that has not been executed yet will not remain active after the closing of AgenaTrader. SL and TP with AgenaTrader are set on the “if filled” principle and are sent to the Servers of JFD Brokers only after the pending order is filled.

You can choose anytime between the Bid, the Ask or the Last Price from the settings of your 'Account Connections'
The default time zone on the platform is your PC’s default time zone.
Please login to your personal area in My JFD and request an AgenaTrader access from there.
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Margin Trading is high risk and not suitable for all. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.