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4 Features of JFD That Can Improve Your Performance

Better control with our Interbank Core Spreads

Trading with core spreads has been proven to be better than with marked-up spreads - this is why we offer only core interbank spreads to all our clients. JFD’s tight core spreads (commissions charged separately) give you 100% cost transparency and can improve your performance as they avoid unnecessary stop outs. Click here to find out how.

Price Improvements: 81% Zero or Positive Slippage

With JFD Brokers, you have positive slippage enabled, which means that you can benefit from price improvements. On average, 86% of all trades executed with JFD are filled either at the requested or at a better price (Source: JFD's Retail OTC FX Execution Metrics, 2017). As a result, our clients have the opportunity to trade at better prices than with many other brokers. In our opinion, this is how a true customer-centric brokerage should operate.

Proven Direct Market Access

Here at JFD we do not trade against the trader. No stop-hunting or price manipulations. Unlike other brokers out there, our profits are gained solely through commissions and not through your losses, so it is in our best interest that you perform well. We grant you direct access to the market, and can prove this with a Post-Trade Execution Report. Working with us will get you the best available prices from more than 20 LPs.

Opportunities for Diversification

JFD is a multi-asset brokerage that will enable you to diversify your trading portfolio. We offer more than 500 instruments, from 8 different asset classes. With us, you will be able to minimise drawdowns by applying your strategy to multiple types of assets.

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JFD's Advantages


Cutting-Edge Equinix NY4 & LD4 Servers

High Capacity Aggregation

Smart Order Routing & Bridging

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low trading costs

Best Bid/Ask Prices due to Smart Order Routing

Core Spreads from 0.0 Pips

Price Improvement: Positive Slippage enabled

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Risk protection

Negative Balance Protection

Investor Compensation Fund

Segregation of Client Funds

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You are central

As a broker founded by professional traders, it is our goal to make the best trading experience available to you. We deliver solutions that satisfy your needs. For example, we offer several platforms which are interconnected, which makes your trading more flexible. Also, due to our pure Agency Model, we never discriminate... no matter what your deposit, trading volume or level of expertise, everyone gets the same trading conditions. This means less confusion and less complication, which means more time to focus on your trading.

Multiple Award-Winning

We take action on our promises to deliver game-changing innovations, gaining global recognition in the process and winning numerous awards for our exceptional contributions to the industry. For providing our sophisticated clients with the most trader-centric and comprehensive solution suite available in the marketplace, JFD Brokers has been already ranked among the Top 3 Largest MT4 Brokers worldwide and is listed in the World Finance 100 Companies.

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