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Upcoming replacement of the Libor benchmark interest rate for CFDs on stocks and indices

We want to notify you that from Thursday (06/01/2022) onwards, JFD will end using the LIBOR benchmark interest rate for calculating the financing charges on CFDs on stocks and indices. Instead of the current benchmark, JFD will apply other internationally recognized and more precise indicators.

For more information please refer to the table below:

Financial instrument Old LIBOR rates NEW rates Addition
EUR based Indices + EUR based CFDs on stocks EUR 3-month LIBOR Euro Short-Term Rate (€STR) +/-3.25%
USD based Indices + USD based CFDs on stocks USD 3-month LIBOR Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) +/-3.25%
GBP based Indices + GBP based CFDs on stocks GBP 3-month LIBOR Sterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA) +/-3.25%
CHF based Indices + CHF based CFDs on stocks CHF 3-month LIBOR Swiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON) +/-3.25%
AUD based Indices AUD 3-month LIBOR AUD 1M Deposit [ADDRA CMPL Currency] +/-3.25%
JPY based Indices JPY 3-month LIBOR Tokyo Overnight Average Rate (TONAR) or (TONA) +/-3.25%
HKD based Indices HKD 3- month LIBOR HIBOR HKD 1M [HIHD01M Index] +/-3.25%

For more details, please visit our website, which will be updated accordingly on the respective date.